Statement on Delta Hospital

Today in the Legislature I spoke about Delta Hospital and the community support for its services. The video and transcript of my speech are below:


V. Huntington: Delta has the little hospital that could. And Delta has the people who make sure it can. For decades we tugged our hospital up a long hill until finally, one day, we had a facility that everyone was proud of, that provided the services we needed and that was supported by absolutely everyone in the community. It was the little hospital that did.


That little hospital ran in the black. It had specialists. It had critical care. It had emergency care. It had the services we needed to be confident that our primary care was supported and that most of our health issues could be handled at home.


But nothing remains the same, and times change. We had to struggle back up that long hill, once again pulling the little hospital behind us. Holding hands around the hospital wasn't enough to stop the changes, but it did keep our emergency room open, and we were grateful for that. But we needed to make our hospital whole again, and we have never stopped pushing it back up that hill.


The Delta Hospital Auxiliary donates $500,000 a year to our hospital. Millions of dollars have been raised in the Ladner thrift store. We don't sell old things in Delta. We donate them to the Auxiliary, knowing that every penny provides equipment our doctors need.


Our Hospital Foundation also raises millions of dollars during its fundraising drives and annual gala, which this year alone raised over $300,000. The foundation built the new emergency room, the new diagnostic imaging facilities — it purchased our CT scanner — and, working with the auxiliary, is contributing a combined $7.5 million towards a new diagnostic laboratory.


What more is wanted from us? Delta needs its hospital whole again. We want to get back the hospital services every other community of our size enjoys. The people of Delta deserve nothing less.



Remembrance Day Speech: The Empty Tomb

Yesterday on our day of Remembrance, I delivered the following speech at the Ladner Legion:


Employment Opportunity

Job Posting - Communications and Research Officer
Office of Vicki Huntington, MLA
Parliament Buildings – Victoria, BC

Celebrating Chief Cessford

Today in the legislature I bid farewell but not goodbye to our beloved Chief of Police, Jim Cessford.  It will be hard to imagine Delta Police without Jim, but he is certainly leaving it in the best possible position.  Here is the video and transcript of my speech: