Proposed Society Act changes could silence non-profits

Proposed Society Act changes could silence non-profits

This summer the government released a 150 page paper of proposed changes to the Society Act. Buried within the draft legislation is a clause that has B.C.’s non-profits up in arms. The proposed section 99 (page 63) would open the door for any individual or corporation to bring legal challenges against a society they believe is acting in a way that is “detrimental to the public interest.”

I have met with local societies about this issue and I have heard from multiple individuals who want to see this section removed. I have sent a written submission to the public consultation asking that this section be withdrawn, and I will speak out against it if it ever appears in the legislature. I hope it won’t make it that far.

If you would like to read more, Andrew Gage, of West Coast Environmental Law, has written an excellent summary of the situation. Fifty B.C. non-profits have signed a letter asking for the repeal of section 99.


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