Delta South MLA calls on government to support donation limits

Independent MLA for Delta South Vicki Huntington issued the following statement in response to revelations that lobbyists may have been making illegal contributions to the BC Liberal Party on behalf of organizations.

“The news is deeply troubling and needs to be fully investigated. People are tired of seeing their government ignore the interests of citizens in favour of a free-for-all system where money talks and special interests are taken care of first. It is a scandal that one of our only campaign finance rules is being flaunted by paid lobbyists and big business.

“I am calling on the government to immediately pass legislation to fix this problem. I have proposed the only bill that would address this issue, by capping annual donations at $1,500, from B.C. residents only. My legislation would also ban cash for access events and corporate and union donations, but only a hard cap would have stopped these lobbyists in their tracks.”

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